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Laura Louise Events & Design, is a full planning wedding boutique serving couples in Virginia, DC and Maryland. We create custom, timeless weddings for our couples. We believe every couple should have a partner and best friend while planning their big day, ensuring you don't only enjoy the planning process but you are stress-free and present on your big day!


We are here to tell your love story, listen to your wants, and make your dream wedding a reality. We believe our job is so much more than hiring someone to create your timeline. Instead, we are here to execute your day flawlessly and to create an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

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I have been told I make dreams come true, so my question is, are you ready? I take pride in creating custom, organic weddings for couples in Virginia, Maryland, D.C. and beyond. From start to finish, I will guide you every step of the way, to ultimately create a seamless event, that is authentically you. At Laura Louise Events, I believe in a collaborative approach; one mixed with organization, sophistication and tons of fun, that ensures no detail is overlooked. My planning process is hands-on, personalized and high-end, because you deserve the wedding of your dreams.

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You'll remember the feelings forever

We will give you an experience that blends the celebration of your love story with family roots, timelessness, and a wedding day that is authentically you.

A collaborative approach so no personal touch is ever overlooked



From the details you see on the day-of—to the ones you don’t, we are there with you every step of the way. We adore our couples and cannot wait to work with you!



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"I am pretty sure Laura was sent from God to help brides on their wedding day. I was on the fence about hiring a day of coordinator and I can confidently say it was worth every single penny (probably more because Laura is amazing). She handled everything with grace and our wedding went so smoothly because of her! Laura and Melanie were so organized and helpful but they were also so much fun to work with I felt like they were friends. Stop looking for a coordinator and just book Laura, you will not regret it!"


"Laura is wonderful. I cannot stress enough how wonderful she is to work with, not to mention the vision she created for our day. The entire planning process was so enjoyable and easy! I had so many conflicting ideas and thoughts about my day, my brain was just running a thousand miles an hour and it was so nice to have Laura there to bounce ideas off of and rein me in when I needed it. We were so pleased and couldn't thank her enough!!! Our day was everything we could have ever wanted."


"Laura is amazing!! Our wedding vision was centered on wanting a big Italian-American party. Laura's Greek heritage helped her fully understand and appreciate the vibe we wanted to achieve. Laura took so much stress off my shoulders by asking all the necessary questions, assuring me the event would go smoothly, and working with our vendors on the timeline. From supergluing my shoe in an emergency to setting up our elaborate dessert table and packing up the cars at the end of the night, they made the wedding perfect."


I would love to bring your wedding day vision to life! Hop on over to my contact form to tell me a few details about the big day and then let's set up a time to chat! Can't wait!

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